What do you desire?

I came across an amazing video narrated by Alan Watts asking us to imagine what we would want to do if money were no object.

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Lazy Saturdays

Does anyone remember this?

Well, I sure didn’t. Not that it hasn’t been sitting on the spare bed and spread out over the entire desk area in our bedroom/study/art room/bike holding area or anything. Read more


Jump Right In

Does this . . .

stress anyone else out?

Well, it stressed me out yesterday. So, I promptly packed up my stuff and left work. Read more


Beach Front Property

Since I vowed to continue my summer break for the duration of this week and not return to move boxes and set up my room until next week, I decided I would update you on my painting habit. Now, don’t get me wrong I will return to my promised progress as a school counselor and show pictures of my room transformation (yes I said room, not office)! I have been very blessed to have been given a full room to counsel in, one in which I can fit 15 energetic boys, in fact I have seen it happen! Read more