Kindergarten + Feathers = Fun

This is what happens when you combine 4 Kindergartners and 2 feather boas.

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Feelings Book

I got this idea from a worksheet I saw and pinned from Pinterest. The book was originally meant to be a writing prompt book published by Scholastic. I figured now that the 2nd graders could write without being too overly concerned with spelling things correctly (although I can’t blame them), I would give this book a chance.


I mean I’m pretty sure Scholastic meant to publish this in their nonexistent school counselor magazine, not their teacher’s so I took the liberty of using it in my guidance lesson. Read more


I Am Special

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, I’m going to give you a lesson so easy it’s hard not to love!

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The Courage to Be Imperfect

When attending the TCA conference back in October, I bet you can guess the #1 session that caught my attention?

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Good Choices vs. David’s Choices

In 1st grade, we reviewed the importance of making good choices. See here is the funny thing, I’m reading them a story (which I’m sure you all have read before) about a boy who is CONSTANTLY making choices that would drive a teacher up the wall in 5 seconds flat. I’m trying to insinuate that they sometimes also make these bad choices, but lo and behold, all any of them could talk about were the consequences David would have received if he was at our school. Not one single one of those light bulbs lit up thinking, “Oh man, I sure did push my friend in line yesterday. That was a bad choice.” Read more